Frequently your health insurance provider and/or Medicaid will cover you and/or your child’s speech therapy sessions. Please contact your insurance provider for information and approval.

Age in Months: Treatment Objectives:
3 – 6 blockcontentbullets Recognizes own name

blockcontentbullets Takes turns vocalizing

blockcontentbullets Produces “raspberries”


6 – 9 blockcontentbullets Moves toward or searches for family members

blockcontentbullets Vocalizes two-syllable combinations

blockcontentbullets Imitates duplicated syllables


9 – 12 blockcontentbullets Gives Object in response to verbal request

blockcontentbullets Says “Mama” or “Dada meaningfully

blockcontentbullets Imitates non speech sounds


12 – 15 blockcontentbullets My give kiss on request

blockcontentbullets Imitates new words


(e.g. “Uh-oh”, “No-no”)

15 – 18 blockcontentbullets Understands 50 words

blockcontentbullets Answers questions with one word

blockcontentbullets Asks, “What’s that?


18 – 21 blockcontentbullets Follows all the following commands:
“Sit Down, “Come Here”, or “Give me” with gesture

blockcontentbullets Uses Processor-possession

blockcontentbullets Uses agent object


21 – 24 blockcontentbullets Puts away toy on request

blockcontentbullets Uses own name to refer to self

blockcontentbullets Uses early pronouns occasionally


24 – 27 blockcontentbullets Understands concept of one

blockcontentbullets Sings phrases of songs

blockcontentbullets Uses action words


27 – 30 blockcontentbullets Identifies clothing on self or caregiver

blockcontentbullets Responds to greetings consistently

blockcontentbullets Names five pictures


30 – 33 blockcontentbullets Answers yes/no questions correctly

blockcontentbullets Answers questions with “yes” or “no”

blockcontentbullets Uses prepositions


33 – 36 blockcontentbullets Follows three step unrelated commands

blockcontentbullets Asks “what”, “who”, and “where” questions

blockcontentbullets Recites a few nursery rhymes